All Things New: From Greed To Generosity

Greed is typically something we think to be their problem, as in someone else’s, not my problem. We can notice in an instant when money starts to change someone’s attitude and character, but it’s almost impossible for us to see it happening in ourselves. Oftentimes we don’t even consider it to be a problem because we don’t really think of ourselves as rich at all. Consider this: more than half of the world’s population lives on less on $2 a day and 80% less than $10 a day. That means they’re looking at you and me longingly like we look at the fortunes of millionaires and billionaires. We are far wealthier than we might imagine, and Jesus tells us that greed is everyone’s problem- rich and poor. Listen to this week’s sermon to see how God wants to move us from a self-centered, self-absorbed greed to a joy-filled peace and generosity in Jesus.

All Things New - From Greed To Generosity